Nov/ Dec Update: Dungeon is coming soon

Hey there guys, it’s been a little while since I last updated my blog. I am going to start updating my blog a lot more regularly from now on, as I have a newly recruited PA who will help me get my blogs published.

I have been doing a lot of work down in the dungeon and it is, slowly, moving on nicely. I have had a few complications arise, but those would be sorted out. Nothing is too complicated for the Mistress.

I can’t wait to have my subs come over to the dungeon to work, which should be ready soon. I already have some helpers there in the dungeon doing manual labour, cleaning the rubbish and performing other routine, mundane, demeaning tasks that a Mistress simply should not do.

I am always looking for people skilled in trades or even subs skilled in trades to work down there at the dungeon. I am looking forward to having my space to use down there which would be available to rent only through me and would not be advertised anywhere else. I will allow only Mistresses I know personally to rent the space, as it would be my playground than being anything else. The ladies from Femocracy Global would also be allowed to use this space.

The dungeon is located in South East London but for the exact location, message Me. The dungeon is in the basement and the floor above it, the ground floor would be dedicated for photography.

Hopefully the Dungeon would be open in Jan/ Feb 2020. We would have an introductory offers for bookings for subs. So if you are a sub who would like to join me in the dungeon, message now to book a session at an introductory price.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions then you may forward it to the Mistress. All suggestions and ideas would be heard.

As you all know I have a few sissy sites in the pipeline, the main one being We have had issues with some of the memberships there, but nothing that we can’t solve. We are having nothing but great feedback from all our members.

Any help in promoting the site, to get more signups and to spread the word would be highly appreciated, and would definitely not go unnoticed by Mistress.

I am going to try to make my site more exciting. I have neglected it for some time as I have been extremely busy, but of course nothing can make me too busy for my site and for my subs.

This week I took on two new chastity subs, one for an ongoing contract and the other one for a 3 month contract. I love to hold a sissy’s key, knowing they can’t touch their pathetic willies or pindicks without my consent, and even if I give consent they can’t touch it properly if it is caged. I love to have this control.

I love owning subs and of course have contracts to do so. I also do consensual exposure and blackmail, but it is done very seriously. I always ask for your ID and a video of you giving permission, to cover my arse. I do not care about your arse, I care about my arse. My arse is the most important thing to be cared about.

A slave in chastity

It is that time of the year you are all busy. Getting the Christmas tree decorations out, setting up the Christmas tree. Don’t forget to make sure that your Mistress, whoever that may be (hopefully me), is bought gifts. She deserves it more than any one in your life (apart from your kids).

For those of you who are interested in cuckolding, I do that with a BBC Husband who happens to be an Alpha. But as I do like to stress that he is not my Alpha, but an Alpha.

An owned sub with PERMANENT tattoo

We have had quite a few cuckold bookings which we love to do but we have to book in advance as Alpha is not always available. We have to plan in advance, as My time is very valuable and I expect you to already know this.

With Love & Hate

Mistress Xena x

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