Financial Domination

Financial Domination

There are many kinds of Financial Domination but usually it is money for doing absolutely nothing, so don’t confuse a session with financial domination. 

I have many bills that can be adopted, weekly or monthly. I also can provide receipts to be reimbursed. You can, of course just send me gifts purchase from my amazon wishlist. Like most Mistresses I always prefer cash, but gift cards are ONLY accepted, never

Amazon Wishlist:

CPM (cashpoint meets) are usually close to an area where I am located that day.

If the CPM requires me to travel I will only do so with a tribute before hand to cover my expenses and of my valuable course time.

Adopt a bill or meet me for a CPM (cash point meet) it will be such a thrill for you.  I also do public humiliation at a cashpoint for those that can handle it.

You can pay for me with my friends and/or husband to go out for a meal using a subs card while they sit and watch from afar, on another table all alone.

Please note that Goddess does not travel unless paid a deposit in advance to cover travel expenses and time.

Finally, under no circumstances will Goddess accept credit card details to go shopping with online as this is a time wasters way of getting a session and usually cancelling purchase after session.