F*ck off you annoying, needy subs…..

Hey all,

How is it going. I have been so quite here recently I know.

I am still getting my head round this website as had to let my IT guy go as caused ma a shit load of headache, was very needy and called himself a sub yet was so rude numerous times to dommes I introduced him too and even myself.

As much as I do appreciate it when someone helps I think some forget that I am a domme and am used to people helping me out and offering their services for NOTHING in return. I do not and will not EVER answer to ANY man least of all a ‘sub’ who thinks they are doing me the favour. So now I am taking the reins by myself (yes website has changed a little as the IT geek that dealt with website first, threw his toys out of the pram like the pathetic boy or sub he thinks he is and took a lot of the features back, not that it cost him 1p – but he was trying to make a point, something which just showed me I was so much better off without him).

I should have listened to my conscious when the sub in mention told me about a story where he actually got charged with harassing another domme, why didn’t i take note then and stay well away, warning signs were so obvious.

Subs, Sissies, Slaves and any other needy male who wants a mistresses attention please note (also goes to the IT geek that tried to make me believe he was a sub also lol wasnt convincing)…. You should not and will not expect a mistress to do ANYTHING in return for your services.. if she chooses to then your a very lucky boy. Don’t expect and you get, the more you expect it the less you get something my IT geek didn’t seem to be able to grasp. Helping a mistress should be enough gratitude for you.

Please note it is a males place underneath a mistresses feet, orders, spell or control that a sub must be obedient and pleasing. Whatever you may be able to offer a mistress outside of a tribute is a bonus pure and simple.

Anyway rant over.. I am glad now and can continue without someone bothering me everyday taking up my time even just with messages let alone camming.

With Love & Hate

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