Dungeon/Studio Update

The Dungeon/Studio

Such a lot has been happening over the last few months: The framework for the dungeon walls are nearly done, the ventilation system is now in and we have the first phase of electrics done. We actually was help up a little as we needed to do some structural works on the ceiling joist which wasn’t an easy job.

There was an acrow already supporting the ceiling before we can we along to renovate. For those of you who don’t know an acrow is a metal pole that can be used as a temporary measure while building works would be fixing it – this acrow was probably as old as me lol…. it was very old and rusty so this needed to be replaced immediately. Out with the old acrow and in with 3 more new ones.

Once this was done to support the level above – this was essential that it was done correctly otherwise the whole ground floor could have come crashing down if not. The new wooden joist (a massive thick bit of wood that is used to support and for structure of any building) and a concrete lintel. We still have one more joist, albeit a much smaller one to put in which goes across the one just done – that will be happening this weekend.

The next obstacle to overcome was the water – well is the water. After much waiting and being told wrong information we are back to square one and now need a new water connection, well connected. There is already piping in place but we are having a survey done which I also need to pay for to then decide how much works will be .

Anything between £1,000-£2,500 been told.

So I am quite pissed off as never knew would need to do this when took the property over. However I am in talks with landlord to see if anything can be done or at least maybe go dutch on the new connection (phrase for going halves, 50/50 for those who don’t know). Once the water connection has been done we can then concentrate on the downstairs toilet and basin. We badly need running water and a toilet – all the workers currently pissing in a bucket and emptying…..well I don’t know where and I don’t wanna know.

I wanted to focus on the new stairs and had the funds there for them – was told this be around £600-£700 but the stairs I wanted have now been discontinued so need to look at alternatives. Maybe will get a carpenter to build a new staircase over existing one. Not sure yet but that will come a little later now as my priorities is the water connection. I was actually tempted to throw in the towel when heard about this cost as was unexpected and by far the biggest overall cost in one go. But I have spent too much time and energy not to mention money already planning and actioning a lot of the works already.

I have a couple of tradesmen involved which have given me a decent rate but still costs. The ventilation guy, the electrician, the main builder who happens to be plasterer also but I’m very lucky because, if haven’t mentioned before ….he is my BBC husband. I also have a carpenter on board and a plumber ready in stand by. Any subs with any of those trades or maybe another trade I could benefit from then be happy to hear from you a negotiate work for time with me and or sessions online or in realtime. You scratch my back I scratch yours lol with my long talons haha..

Anyway still have a lot of work too do… next the flooring framework will be going down. Once all the framework has been complete we can then starting on the walls and actual floor oh and ceiling. We will get there in the end but has taken much longer the expected.

So to anyone who wants to support me by sending in donations towards any works, that would be greatly appreciated.

Message if you have anything to offer my project whether it be labour or labour wise or simply a money donation towards costs.

Enough said in the dungeon now – more to come real soon.

I am stronger than I have ever been before.

Anyway, with love and hate…
your Mistress Xena

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